Renault R6 tl 1974 Classic French Car

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Technical data for 1974 Renault 4CV

Make: Renault
Model: 4CV
Type: classic
Year: 1974
Mileage: 37,903
VIN: bl-721-tm
Color: Brown
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Green
Vehicle Title: Clear

This small front-wheel-drive sedan offers a fairly spacious bodywork powered by a small engine.It has atailgate, a foldable and easily removable rear seat and a gear lever on the dashboard.

It takes all the mechanical elements of theRenault 4(suspension bytorsion barsandgearbox infront of the engine) and adds refinements such as widerwindshield, but does not keep the vents that allowed on the Renault 4 d ' get a ventilation of the vehicle by depression.

For Renault, it was intended to be a smallRenault 16, hence its line similar to the exception of the side edges of the roof.However, in terms of mechanics, the Renault 6 is much closer to the Renault 4 than the Renault 16. The Renault 6 is an evolution of the Renault 4 which it takes the essential in distinguishing itself by the aesthetics and habitability.In this sense, the Renault 6 is to the Renault 4 what the Dyane was to theCitroën 2 CV, or what theRenault 10was compared to the Renault 8.

From October 1970, the original version will be supplanted by the new Renault 6 TL.Thanks to its 6 HP engine, the car is more comfortable on the road with a maximum speed that goes from 120 km / h to 135 km / h.

In Spain, theFasa-Renault 6has from the beginning a "Cléon-Fonte engine" of956cm3.

The direction of rotation of the "Billancourt engine" is anti-clockwise (distribution side), while the "Cléon-Fonte engine" rotates clockwise, to obtain the same direction of rotation to the wheels, thedifferentialof the gearbox has returned to the versions with the "Cleon-Cast Iron Engine".

The Renault 6 is a car whose mechanics are relatively reliable and economical.Its conservation problem is related to the corrosion that compromises the integrity of the different parts of the sheet metal: tip of the front fenders, outline of thewindshield, rear wheel arches ...

The Renault 6 has seduced the customer more by its practical side than by its aesthetics.It has never aroused admiration or lust, or even today in the collection market, despite its robustness.

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