Renault 4l 1975

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Bronx, New York, United States

Technical data for 1975 Renault 4CV

Make: Renault
Model: 4CV
Year: 1975
Mileage: 49,000
VIN: 9562RD42
Color: Orange
Cylinders: 2
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
  • This car is great to drive in town .Sell As In If you need some part for the car, i could get i, The car is located in Paris actuallyThe car will be ship anywhere to the United Stated & Canada ( THE CAR WILL BE SHIP, IT WILL TAKE 3 WEEK )FREE SHIPPING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FEEL FREE TO CONTACT FOR MORE INFORMATION
  • The car was launched at a time when several decades of economic stagnation were giving way togrowing prosperityand surging car ownership in France. The first million cars were produced by 1February 1966, less than four and a half years after launch;[5]eventually over eight million were built, making the Renault 4 a commercial success because of the timing of its introduction and the merits of its design. Although originally marketed as a small estate car, it is now regarded as the firstmass productionhatchbackcar.
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