Mostly Original, Low Mileage, Fun Driving, Luxury Ride, 6 People In Comfort.

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Technical data for 1969 Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210 2 Dr. Post

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Bel Air/150/210
Trim: 2 Dr. Post
Year: 1969
Mileage: 44,195
VIN: 156119F002733
Color: Frost Green
Engine: 327 C.I.
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear

1969 Chevrolet Bel-Air2Dr Post

Mostly Original, Low Mileage, Fun Driving, Luxury Ride, 6 People In Comfort.

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Imagine being able to take your friends to the car show with you, and when is the last they you saw this body style. Current owner was explained(by body shop owner) that hebought car from original owner. The original owners family owned a funeral home, and later sold the car to the body shop who fixed the fender, and proceeded to keep the car for years. The car is mostly original, and has been resprayed on the sides and upper trunk. According to current owner, the left front fender was replaced with a oem used part.

Trim Tag-

69- 1969

15611- Bel-Air 2 Dr. Sedan

59/59- Frost Green

09A- First of September

803- Black interior



1- Chevrolet

56- Bel-Air 8 cylinder

11- 2 Dr. 6 passenger

9- Chevrolet

F- Flint, MI

002733- Production number

Buyer are required- To do their own research to verify the researched codes above are correct.

Details of the car-

* 1996 title information at online BMV says 42,300 miles

* Power Steering

* Dual Master Cylinder

* 4 Wheel Drums

* Radial Tires

* A.M. Radio

* Lighter

* Heater

* Windshield Washers & Wipers

* Automatic Transmission

* V-8 Engine

* Full Factory Wheel Covers


* It appears most of the hood, top, and trunk surfaces including the front and back of the door handle areas have original paint. The paint matches fairly well.(See all pictures)

* You will notice particularly on the hood and trunk how slightly dulled the paint is, with just a small amount of shine. However the top of the car has seemed to maintain more shine.

* The sides(from body side molding down)certainly look matching and fuller colored, and maybe a touch off. We believe that from the body side moldings down it appears as thought it had been repainted, and has a little bit better shine to it.

* There are a couple of nicks on the hood in the 1/4” size range. There are a few chips along the back edge of the doors, where a door edge guard was sometimes installed. The left door panel has a little nick on it, and a couple around the trunk lock and both doors.

* There are a few fish eyes and imperfections, but it is still an improvement from the original paint.

* There are scratches in front of the right front tire (around six inches of multiple light scratches). Behind the right rear tire is a deep scratch approximately a foot and a half long, with a one inch brake in the paint, and an outward dent just below it. (See Pics)


* The body is very nice and straight, much as you would expect it to be in the day. With out any dents or creases, with the exception of the small outward dent on the right rear lower quarter.

* If you look closely at the gaps in the trunk, hood, and doors you will see they all appear fairly uniform. All open and close freely, and seem to have very little hinge wear as we had suspected.

* There is typically rust perforation repair at the bottom of the front fender, but for some reason the gap between right rocker and fender has been filled in.

* The right fender says 327 engine, and left fender says 350. The previous owners informed the current owner that at some point there was a bump, and they replaced the left front fender. When purchasing that fender it has the 350 emblem on it, and that is why they are different.


* Using a magnetic paint gauge it appears that the most upper, and older paint seems to be in the 8-10 mils range. The top of the left front fender, and the spot repaired between the trunk, and the windshield being a couple mils higher.

* The sides of the car (in general) from the body side molding down are in the 8-10 mils plus or minus range. This is in the range that you would hope to see.

* With random sampling on each panel we will note that around the wheel wells on all four corners the reading was slightly higher, indicating the possibility of minor rust and refinish which would have been very common.

* The bottoms of the quarters behind the rear tires indicate some type of repairs at some point.

* The corners of the doors do not indicate obvious repair.

Bright Work-

* All the bright work that is surrounding the glass appears to be secured properly, and without any damage. It has a nice shine to it, and like all stainless could easily be polished to brighten it a step further.

* The rear bumper actually has more of its reflective quality still retained, we only noticed one small dimple or dent to the left of the right rear marker. A lot of the chrome on the front bumper has worn off, and has peeled off the bottom side right below the right blinker. (See Pics)

* The top windshield molding seems to be sticking out just a little further than the fastener should allow it.

* All the bright work is some what deteriorated as far as the reflective finish, but all seems to be pretty much undamaged.

* The body side moldings are not a real metal finish, and have lost most of their silver coloring.

* Wheel opening moldings, are all intact with a little bit of light pitting, and only the right front has a little scuff on the outside edge.


* All the side glass, and rear glass has the Safety Plate LOF emblem.

* Windshield has a PPG emblem.

* The glass is in extremely nice condition.

* The glass is all very clear, without discoloring or delamination

* We don’t see any noticeable wiper wear, or scratching from windows going up and down in the tracks.

* There is one bulls-eye that is about 1 ½ inch in from the left side on the windshield about midway up.

* Windshield may have a few pin head size nicks that are typical from driving, and cant be helped.

* You can see there was some sealer put around the back window, and you’ll see where there was a little bit of leakage into the inside, and slight deterioration of the interiors surround moldings, and the bottom corners.(See Pics)


* The interior appears to be most likely all original, with the exception of the steering wheel. The original steering wheel however is in the pictures, and does come with the car.

* The floor mats and seat bottom cover are not original.

* All the black vinyl and cloth in the car has excellent color, and does not appear to have had much sun or exposure.

* The dash is not cracked and has good rich color.

* I did not notice any damage to the door or side panels, they have good rich color and very little wear on the arm rest.

* The carpet has fairly good color, and you can see its condition in the pictures.

* The headliner all has good seems, but on each side near the shoulder belt mounting area there is a small hole in the fabric that can be seen in the pictures.

* The sun visors have good rich color, the cardboard interior is good and solid. The drivers sun visor stitching has some deterioration along the outside edge.(See Pics)

*The package shelf has deteriorated some what from sun, and exposure through the rear window.

* The seats have good cloth and vinyl, with the exception on the left side there is a typical split where the fabric came lose from the vinyl. There is a picture of this, as well as a picture of the right side where I pulled the cover up, and that seem to be in good shape.

* I did reach between the seats, and did not notice any splits in the fabric there.

* We noticed very little wear to the dashboard, and control area as you can see in pictures.


* The trunk maintains what would appear to be the original splatter coat.

* There is some light surface rust that has accumulated (possibility under the mat at some point), but we don’t see any perforation or holes showing through the floor pan area.

* The paint is in good condition under the trunk lid with a little surface rust at the seam if you look closely.

* The original jacking directions are still under the lid, and you can see the jack and jack stand is mounted where it typically goes.

* The weather stripping all appears to be in place.

* Car does not have a spare tire, wheel, or a lug wrench with it.

Tires and Wheels-

* The tires do not have any cracking or obvious age or damage, however we do not know there exact age.

* The rims and hubcaps do not show any damage, though the outer edges do have some tarnish and age.

*The inside emblems do show age, and cracking, but still have survived amazingly well.

* Left Front- 225/70/149/32

* Left Rear- 225/70/149/32

* Right Front- 225/70/149/32

* Right Rear- 225/70/14 9/32

Engine and Transmission-

* Under the hood you will see that nothing looks highly modified, and appears mostly as it was originally designed.

* The master cylinder looks newer, and was possibly replaced.

* It does retain the original style windshield washer fluid container, and the original cable supports on the engine.

* The battery and battery mount is not factory.

* Lower universal replacement hose looks replaced, other than that it looks as it was designed. (See Pics)


* The Chassis all looks very good, and solid as if its had minimal exposure over the years.

* It does have light surface rust, and appears the frame has been pretty much left un-coated, or the coating wore off over a period of years. Over all it looks good and solid with out any noticed rust perforation.

* The floors do appear to have some type of rust proof or undercoating, but I do not see any rust perforation or any obvious repairs that where made.

* It was coated with some type of petroleum product at some point to keep it from surface rusting.

* It all looks to be very original with new front stabilizer links.

* There is some dampness coming down from the engine on the right side, and looks like it has been there for years. I can't tell for sure but you can see it in the pictures.

* There is some dampness on the bottom of the transmission and engine, but it looks like normal seepage you would tend to see. There are no spots that are dripping to any degree if ever.

* The exhaust system is an after market, with a louder more performance type sound.

* The original heat riser is still in place, but has completely separate duals all the way to the back with a smaller muffler for a nice tone, and comes out behind the tires.

* I noticed there are new fittings for bleeding the rear breaks. Pictures will also show how nice and solid the underside really is.

* I don’t see anything underneath (with the exception of the exhaust system) that looks like it has been obviously altered from stock configuration.

* The current owner was explained that the woman who had it for years did have the front fender replaced. Some of the right fender is not hooked back up like it should be, and the fender was actually bonded into the rocker which did away with space between them. There are some missing screws, and bolts that hold the inner fender well to the outer fender.

Test Drive-

Chad took the car for the better part of the day and drove around 30 miles in both neighborhoods, and up to 50-60 mph on the highway. The engine with a couple pumps starts up very well. It runs quietly, and I believe its working and operating the way it typically should. The only noticeable difference is the choke and fast idle set up does not seem to be operating the way it possibly could, and a little adjustment could be helpful. Car has a little bit of a throaty sound to it with the mufflers, which makes it fun to drive. The transmission is a two speed automatic, and ups shifts and down shifts the way I remember them to be like in the day. The transmission does not up shift till approximately 35 mph which is a little different from modern day transmissions, but preformed well. Upon braking the car stopped smoothly, and with little effort (being that it has four wheel drum brakes, and a non power brake cylinder). The car did not pull to the left or right and stopped very straight, sometimes you could feel just very slightest amount of pulsation being extremely critical. Steering was very precise, I believe the smaller wheel tends to give you a little bit quicker feel of the steering. The car is really easy and comfortable to drive. We believed it to be a low mileage car as it felt tight and solid and squeak free. It has a nice sound to it, perfect for cruises and shows. During my test drive I did not make it through a stop light without someone looking over, and complementing on what a cool car it was. I also had a few younger kids come and ask what kind of car it was. It just has that wide look that makes people grin, and ask if they don't no. The car just has a lot of wow and curiosity to it.


* All four side marker lights work

* Turn signals work front and back, left and right

* Heater fan works on high and low speeds

* Defroster lever does move air to top like it should

* Air moves from cool to hot and changes temperature

* Parking brake has never been depressed and I choose not to try it

* Upper and lower vents on driver and passenger side all appear to work as they should

* Headlights work

* Bright lights work on left side but not right

* Low beams work

* High beams have issues

* Brake lights work, left and right

* Window cranks on both sides work smoothly

* Seat adjustment moves back and forth correctly

* Did not hear any incorrect tapping or engine noises

* Fuel gauge stays at about 1/8th of a tank and does not register up or down

* There is a key for the doors and trunk, and has a separate key for the ignition

* Wipers work on high and low speed

* Washers empty container but has pump sound

* Horn does not work

* Four way flashers do not work

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